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Voigt-brass practice mutes set the standard in playing qualities.
Almost no restance, free blowing, plays evenly over the entire register,
robust yet lightweight, plays in tune.
A must have item for all players. No wires cables batteries. Allows practice at those crucial times.

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Thanks to the Jürgen Voigt company in Markneukirchen, F tuba mutes, which were introduced last year, are not the only ones available – there are now B flat mutes for concert “straight” and “practice” sessions.
As a result of the long-standing cooperation arrangement with the world-famous tuba players in the MELTON TUBA QUARTET, the Jürgen Voigt company has managed to perfect the highly regarded WALLACE MUTES.

The unique feature of these mutes is the circular handle on the base of the mute, which provides ideal handling, particularly during concerts. It goes without saying that the mutes are suitable for any current tuba model, they provide excellent intonation in every register and have a very low level of resistance to blowing pressure.

One other, highly regarded reason to opt for Wallace mutes is the patented and ingenious invention made by the Jürgen Voigt company. The MUTE BAG can be changed into a MUTE STAND in just a matter of seconds – a feature that many players have sought after for years.
They are a real ASSET for any tuba player!
Voigt-brass straight mutes are extremely lightweight yet robust and resonant.

All mutes play over the entire register without compromise.
Trumpet, cornet and tenor trombone mutes are offered with different cork sizes
to ensure proper fitting into instruments, and to offer different tonal qualities.
Eb trumpets and cornets have specially designed mutes.

The cone has a small plug, which may be removed easily with a pencil and allows an adjustment of resistance. At the Frenchhorn mute to be located a fine leather cord and protective ring at opening to prevent damage.
Our mute holder system is suitable with the adapter is equipped with a clamping device to protect the surface
and for all music stands with a tube diameter of up to 23 mm.

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