History/About Us

Jürgen Voigt loves trombones!

He played the trombone from a very early age and he always knew that he wanted to manufacture this instrument himself. Not just as a job, but as a vocation.

In 1962, he began to learn his trade and the craftsmanship involved in becoming a brass instrument maker from his uncle, the well-known trombone maker Horst Voigt. After passing his apprenticeship exams in 1965, he gained experience in his job and qualified as a bell section maker. He successfully completed his master craftsman exams in 1984.

When he founded his own master craftsman workshops in 1988, he not only relied on his family’s traditional skills in making musical instruments, but also used his 25 years of work experience to create the first instruments with the Jürgen Voigt brand. The number of products increased because of the demand for components and the instruments’ excellent reputation; his daughter and current owner, Kerstin Voigt, now manages a qualified team of 42 employees in the 10th generation of master musical instrument makers.

Instrument makers, bell section makers, valve mechanism makers, component makers and the toolmakers particularly needed for any new developments work hand in hand using traditional, innovative and individual skills – and with the necessary attention to detail. All this is essential if a company is going to manufacture complete, top-quality brass instruments under one roof. The firm not only produces modern and historic master crafted instruments, but also mutes for brass instruments, shawms in line with an old Saxon tradition and approx. 2,500 components for brass and woodwind instruments.

The “German Musical Instrument Prize” and the “Innovative SME Enterprise Award” are both recognition of the company’s achievements and provide an incentive to accomplish even more. It is only possible to continue developing in the right direction and find greater optimisation potential by ensuring that those who play instruments and those who make them remain in close contact. The company particularly enjoys the challenge of making special products to satisfy customers’ wishes.

The Jürgen Voigt Master Craftsman Workshops stand for production with craftsmanship skills and modern expertise – and all the products are completely “Made in Germany”!