The tradition of Schalmeien production in Markneukirchen has continued at our company since 1996.

Our master craftsmen’s workshop produces new, technically improved Schalmeien
based on proven models from the past – with great care and in line with strict quality standards.

Our Schalmeien are special because of their particularly light design. As a result, players can easily handle even fairly long concerts without getting tired. These instruments require almost no maintenance, as they are equipped with a Monel metal valve (Monel metal is a nickel/copper alloy with low corrosion features).

We place particular important on ensuring that the instruments are easy to play and have the best possible intonation, which is one of the main prerequisites of the unique, characteristic shawm sound.

Our range of Schalmeien is complemented by a number of accessories like tailor-made, well-padded bags with rucksack straps, spare parts, reed sets – and we perform repairs.

The fanfare horns dating from the German Empire, fan items or bulb horns are other instruments based on the same principle as shawms.

Working closely with our customers, we always aim to accommodate constantly changing musical standards in the form of new developments and quality improvements