We will be on holidays from July 13 to July 28.

On Friday, July 12, we will only be open until 12 am.


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Your Voigt brass team


A straightforward look - but otherwise everything that makes our trombones special: easy response, warm sound, perfect balance.

We proudly present our new trombone model, the JV-180-OG 'Ambition'.

The JV-180-OG is the universal step-up trombone for ambitious trombonists. Like all our trombones 100% hand-made in Germany.


 IMG 0019 5 Kopie für Shop 2













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July 10th - 13th

International Trombone Festival 2019 - Muncie, IN

ITF2019 Logo

We are excited to welcome Bernhard Plos - bass and contrabass trombone of the Vienna Synchron Stage Orchestra - as artist of the Voigt Brass Family. He plays our model contrabasstrombone J-775 gold brass with nickel silver garland.

 20230125 Bernhard 0090